Rolex has thrived through a myriad of challenges presented by competition and has reached a place of high repute owing to its key success factor – its unwavering commitment to QUALITY. Amid gruelling deadlines and a burning desire to surpass the competitors, Rolex has set the quality benchmark remarkably high for the industry to match. Absolutely no compromise in quality has been the foremost mantra that is followed diligently all across the processes and the organization.

Every single process at each stage of manufacturing reflects profound excellence in the workmanship of Rolex. This is because a series of well-co-ordinated quality assurance activities are performed during the manufacture of all the products at the plant.

Rolex makes use of well-designed quality control system to inspect its products on various parameters like dimension, forms, surface roughness, roundness and appearance to make sure the output conforms to customer’s specifications. The pool of high precision measuring instruments viz. spectrometer, electronic microscope, CMM, contour measuring, machine profile projector, surface roughness tester etc. form the unshakeable foundation of quality of Rolex products.

While machines do their best, the employees are abundantly trained to contribute their best to the company’s zero defect policy. The dedicated QC workforce of Rolex is highly capable of working with high advance measuring equipment.

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