About Us

About Us

Rolex Rings Limited (formerly known as Rolex Rings Private Limited)

Where innovation, precision and revolution drives motion engineering towards excellence, every rising day! That’s how the world of automotive focus on Rolex Rings.

Based at Rajkot(Gujarat) India, Rolex Rings is among the leading manufacturers of forged and machined components in India. It is an ace development partner manufacturing high-quality, world-class, customized automotive components as well as bearing rings for a huge base of clientele spread across the globe. Having expertise in precision engineering of various Forging and machining over a period of 4 decades. Rolex has garnered a wealth of expertise in manufacturing transmission components, engine components, chassis components, exhaust system components and bearing rings.

With an unabated commitment to Quality, focused on Technology Advancements, thrust on Customized Solutions and power of Superior Engineering Capabilities. Rolex has sustained a great success saga as a leading national player. And, it envisages evolving as a leading global player in the years to come.

Transmission Components
  • Gear blanks
  • Ring gear
  • Sun & Pinion
  • Shafts
  • Lock Nut
Engine Components
  • Pulley
  • Cam lobs
  • Other forged components
Chasis Components
  • Wheel hubs
  • Gen2 and Gen3 bearing components
  • Output shafts
  • CVJ components
Bearing Rings For
  • TRBs
  • CRBs
  • SRBs
  • SPBs
  • DGBBs
  • Angular contact bearings
  • Double row bearings
Exhaust System Components
  • Flanges
  • Biocones
  • Tulip

Product Applications

  • Two wheeler
  • Three wheeler
  • Four wheeler
  • Industrial
  • Railways
  • Off highway
  • Earth moving
  • Wind mill
  • Textile
  • Electrical
  • Defence
  • Power
  • Aero space
  • Marine
  • Oil & natural gas


No company can produce great results without putting in a great amount of dedication in its field. The rise of Rolex Rings began decades back when a journey into hardcore engineering was initiated by Mr. Rupesh Madeka and Mr. Jiten Madeka with a humble amount of resources accompanied by immense passion and dedication to excel in the industry. Rolex started its journey in manufacturing various types of rings for ball bearing, tapered, cylindrical, railway bearing components, spacers with additional operations like drilling, milling and marking. Our earnest endeavour is to provide the most perfect products, customized to the client’s requirements. Further, we excelled and increased our production capacity to 145K MT per annum & have a achieved leading position in manufacturing forged and machining components across the globe. Over a Period of 4 decades. Today, Rolex is known for relentlessly setting new and higher benchmarks for the industry in the areas of forging and machining.

Technology & Value Addition

Being an engineering vanguard, it comes naturally to Rolex to diligently follow technology and technology advancements which play a significant role in making a product world class. Technology is the greatest source of value added that leads the company to deliver superior products. Rolex firmly believes that growth of a company is driven by the growth of its customers. Therefore, the company invests heavily on manufacturing technology, testing and research which play a crucial role in producing unmatchable products that meet the evolving needs of the clients. The manufacturing facility at Rolex houses Most advance machinery line that churns out flawless products as designed and developed with the help of an ultramodern product development system. A systematic, process that begins with design creation with advanced CAD/CAE/CAM software, seamlessly travels through steps like design and production validation and testing before the approval of the design for actual production. To accomplish effective testing, Rolex makes use of some of the best and highly advanced testing equipment to conduct tests on various aspects including durability, environmental, etc. With a steadfast focus on enhancing value for its clients, Rolex encourages continuous R&D activities in-house. The dedicated engineering department aims of achieved solution in areas of product, material, manufacturing process, management, etc. such that it leads to benefits in cost, quality and environment safety.

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